This Day in History April 28

If you had millions of US dollars, how would you spend it? Would you buy lots of things, like cars, boats, or houses? One millionaire became famous when he decided to take the ultimate vacation. Today in 2001, Dennis Tito became the first space tourist. He paid US$20 million for his trip, but it wasn't easily done. At first, the Russian space program didn't want him to go up. Eventually, Tito was allowed and spent eight days in space. He even did some experiments for his business in space. Maybe money can't buy happiness, but it can sure buy some exciting adventures.

歷史上的今天 4月28日…

如果你有數百萬美金,你會怎麼花?你會不會買一堆東西,像 是車子、船還是房子?有個百萬富翁因為決定來趟終極假期而出名。2001年的今日,丹尼斯.狄托成為第一位太空旅行的觀光客。他為這趟旅程花了兩千萬美元,但這可不是件簡單的事。首先,俄國太 空組織並不想讓他上去。不過最後狄托還是被准許升空,在外太空待了8天。他甚至還在太空中為自己的生意做了些實驗。或許金錢買不到快樂,但絕對買得到一些 刺激的冒險體驗。


太空觀光(space tourism)讓許多人相當憧憬,而英國富豪理察.布蘭森(Richard Branson)領軍的維京集團(Virgin Group),旗下的「維京銀河」(Virgin Galactic)(圖,資料照片)積極開發私人太空飛行(private spaceflight)的商業服務。在今年台灣國內有旅行業者代理這項太空旅行團的服 務,目前有3對夫妻完成報名,一趟兩個多小時的旅程就要價近7百萬台幣。


˙billionaire n.億萬富翁
˙ultimately adv.最終,終究
例:The website lists several ultimate vacation destinations.(這個網站列了幾個終極假期景點。)
例:I hope both of you will eventually work out your problems.(我希望你們之間的問題最後能解決。)
n. & vi.實驗
˙do an experiment with...
˙do an experiment on...
例:We did an experiment with several different chemicals.(我們用了幾種不同的化學物質做實驗。)
n. 冒險(活動或經驗)
˙adventurous a.喜歡冒險的

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