Schoolgirl arrested for writing on desk 女學童因在書桌上寫字被捕

A schoolgirl in New York is suing the police after she was arrested for writing on her desk.
紐 約市一名女學童因為在自己的書桌上寫字而被捕,現在她正控告警方。
Alexa Gonzalez, 12, was spotted penning a message to her friends in green, erasable marker on her table during a Spanish lesson, BBC News reports.
12歲的艾莉莎.龔薩蕾姿,被人看到在上西班牙語 期間,用綠色的可擦式彩色筆寫一則訊息在桌上給她的朋友,BBC新聞報導說。
Gonzalez, who had written "I love my friends Abby and Faith", was "dragged" to the dean’s office and the police were called. She was later taken out of Junior High School 190 in Queens in handcuffs and was held at a local school precinct for hours.
寫下「我愛我的朋友艾比與費斯」的龔薩蕾姿,「被拖到」教務長辦公室,警方據報抵達現場。她後來戴上手銬,被帶離開皇后區的 「190初中」,並留置在當地學校管區內達數小時。
Gonzalez and her mother are now pursuing legal action against the police and education departments in New York City for excessive use of force and violation of her rights.
龔薩蕾姿及 其母親目前正對紐約市警方與教育部門採取法律行動,理由是過度使用強制力及侵犯她的權利。
Speaking to the New York Daily News, Gonzalez revealed that she started crying after being put in handcuffs and added: "I made two little doodles... It could be easily erased. To put handcuffs on me is unnecessary."
龔薩蕾姿在對著《紐約每 日新聞報》陳述時透露,她在被戴上手銬後開始大哭,並強調:「我隨便畫了兩個東西…很容易就能擦掉。沒有必要給我戴上手銬。」
New York officials have agreed that the arrest was a mistake and admitted that officers should have made a better judgment.
紐約官員同意逮捕是一項錯誤,坦承 員警的判斷應可以做得更好些。
spot:動詞,發 現、認出。例句:We spotted her easily in the crowd.(我們很輕易就從人群中認出她。)
pen:名詞 指筆,動詞則指撰寫或起草,譬如to pen a letter指寫一封信。
handcuff:名詞,常用多數,指手銬。例句:The man was arrested and put in handcuffs.(那名男子被逮並銬上手銬。)

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