This Day in History April 25… 歷史上的今天 4月25日…

Looking deep into space has been the dream of astronomers for years. On this date in 1990, such dreams were about to come true as the Hubble Space Telescope was put into orbit. The idea for Hubble first began in the 1940s. In the 1970s it was finally designed, and then in the 1980s it was built. Unfortunately, a problem with the telescope's lens was discovered not long after it was launched into space. However, after repairs were made by astronauts on a space walk, the Hubble Space Telescope began sending some of the most amazing pictures of the universe back to Earth.

深入探索太空一直是 天文學家多年的夢想。1990年的今日,這個夢想即將成真,因為哈伯太空望遠鏡(圖,資料照片)正式進入軌道。使用哈伯太空望眼鏡的構想起於40年代,而 終於在70年代設計規劃,接著在80年代建造。不幸的是, 哈伯太空望遠鏡發射進太空後不久就被發現鏡片有問題。不過在經過太空人以太空漫步的方式修復後,哈伯太空望遠鏡開始傳送一些令人驚嘆的宇宙影像回地球。


astronomer n.天文學家
be about to V 即將/正要(做)……
例:I was about to have dinner. Would you like to join me?(我正要去吃晚餐,你要不要和我一起去?)
telescope n.(單筒的)望遠鏡
launch vt.發射(火箭、飛彈等)
例:The space shuttle exploded soon after it was launched.(那艘太空梭發射後不久便爆炸了。)
repair n. &vt.修理,修補
例:The old house is greatly in need of repair. (這棟老房子需要好好整修一番。)
astronaut n.太空人
space walk 太空漫步

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