This Day in History 歷史上的今天 4月18日

On this date in 1906, the people of San Francisco, California were woken up at 5:12 AM. Homes and buildings were shaken like toys as a massive earthquake hit the city. The earthquake was so big, in fact, that it could be felt from the state of Oregon in the north all the way to the city of Los Angeles in the south. Because of the destruction and fires that broke out afterwards, nearly 3,000 people were killed. The 1906 San Francisco earthquake is still considered one of the worst natural disasters ever to hit the US.
1906年的今天, 加州舊金山的民眾在清晨5時12分驚醒。當劇烈的地震襲擊這座城市時,住家和大樓就像玩具般被晃得東倒西歪。事實上,那場地震強烈到從北邊的奧瑞岡州一直 到南邊的洛杉磯市都可以感受到。由於地震造成的破壞和之後爆發的火災,造成近3千人喪生。1906年的舊金山大地震仍被視為美國至今最慘重的天災之一。


◎wake sb up/wake up sb 將某人喚醒
例:Every morning, my dog wakes me up by licking my face.(每天早上,我的狗狗舔我的臉把我喚醒。)
◎massive a.大規模的;巨大的
例:Because of the castle's massive walls, the enemy army failed to bring it down.(這座城堡巨大的城牆讓敵軍無法將它攻下。)
◎all the way to + 地方 一路到……
例:After my car ran out of gas on the highway, I had to walk all the way to the nearest gas station.(我的車子在公路上沒油後,我只得一路走到最近的加油站。)
◎break out (災害、疾病或戰爭等)爆發,突然發生
例:A fire broke out in my neighborhood last night.(昨晚我家附近發生火災。)
◎be considered (to be) + N/adj. 被視為……

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