This Day in History April 24… 歷史上的今天 4月24日

Singer, actress, and filmmaker, Barbra Streisand knows how to do it all. But what is really impressive is how she has been able to capture the hearts of so many people for so long. Streisand was born to a Jewish family on this date in 1942. From a young age, she was interested in singing and acting. She got her first singing job while still a teenager. She soon went on to act in plays, appear on TV shows, and perform in movies. Since the 1960s, Streisand has recorded over 60 albums and is one of the top-selling female artists of all time. She has also won all the top awards, including Grammys, Emmys, and Oscars.
不管是歌手,演員還 是製片人,芭芭拉.史翠珊全都得心應手。但真正令人印象深刻的是她如何能夠長久以來擄獲這麼多人的心。1942年的今天,史翠珊出生於一個猶太家庭。她從 小就對歌唱和表演有興趣。她在少女時期便獲得第一份歌唱工作。不久後,她接著從事戲劇表演,並在電視節目和電影裡嶄露頭角。自1960年代以來,史翠珊錄 製了超過60張的專輯,是史上最暢銷的女歌手之ㄧ。她也贏過所有大獎,包括葛萊美獎、艾美獎及奧斯卡獎。


許多人開始認識芭芭拉.史翠珊是從《往日情懷》(The Way We Were)這首膾炙人口的歌曲開始,這首歌其實是一部同名電影的主題曲,由巨星芭芭拉.史翠珊和勞勃.瑞福擔綱演出。劇中主角凱蒂和賀伯兩人的個性、成長 背景和人生觀南轅北轍,卻也因為相異的特質彼此吸引,進而相愛結婚。但雙方迥異的價值觀導致兩人分手。而《往日情懷》這首主題曲在美國告示牌「百大暢銷金 曲」排行榜(Billboard Hot 100)上長達23周,並榮獲1973年最佳電影主題曲和最佳配樂兩項奧斯卡大獎。


◎impressive a.令人印象深刻的
例:John's presentation was very impressive, and our clients seemed quite satisfied.(約翰的簡報令人印象深刻,我們的客戶似乎相當滿意。)
◎capture vt.捕獲;引起(注意)
capture one's heart 贏得某人的好感
例:Adam's guitar playing captured Emma's heart, and she finally agreed to marry him.(亞當的吉他演奏擄獲了艾瑪的芳心,使她終於同意嫁給他。)
◎be born to/into... 出生於……(家庭背景)
例:Nancy was born into a rich family.(南西生於富裕之家。)
◎teenager n.青少年
◎go on to V 接著從事……
例:After cleaning the table, the boy went on to do the dishes.(那男孩清理桌子後,接著洗碗筷。)

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