Sherpa to carry Hillary’s ashes to Everest summit 雪巴將攜帶希拉瑞的骨灰攻聖母峰頂


More than half a century after Edmund Hillary first stood on the top of Mount Everest, the ashes of the world-famous mountaineer are to be carried to the summit by a Nepalese Sherpa.

在艾德蒙.希拉瑞首度登上聖母峰頂逾半世紀後,這位全球知名的登山家的骨灰,可望由一名尼泊爾雪巴帶上峰 頂。

Apa Sherpa, who has scaled the world’s highest peak a record 19 times, said he will carry Hillary’s ashes with him when he attempts his 20th ascent this year.

已創下19次攀登這座全球最高峰頂紀錄的雪巴阿帕說,今年他在嘗試第20次攻頂時,將帶著 希拉瑞的骨灰。

Most of Hillary’s ashes were scattered in the sea off Auckland in his native New Zealand after his death in 2008 aged 88, but Apa said some had been kept in a Buddhist monastery in the Himalayan village of Kunde in eastern Nepal.

希拉瑞於2008年以88歲高壽過世後,大部分的骨灰灑在故鄉紐西 蘭奧克蘭的外海,不過阿帕說,其部分骨灰保留在尼泊爾東部喜馬拉雅村莊坤德的一間佛教僧院裡。

Hillary and Sherpa Norgay Tenzing made history on May 29, 1953, when they became the first men to stand on the summit of the 8,848-metre peak.

希拉瑞與雪巴諾蓋.坦林在 1953年5月29日創造歷史,成為登上8848米聖母峰頂的第一批人。

Hillary later opened a foundation that built schools and clinics in the Solokhumbu region at the base of Everest, and Apa, 50, said he wanted to honour Hillary ’s contribution to the Sherpa community.

希拉瑞後來成立一個基金會,在聖母峰山腳下的索羅坤布地區興 建學校與診所。50歲的阿帕說,他想對希拉瑞給予雪巴社區的貢獻致敬。

Apa is leading an expedition to clean up Everest, which activists say is littered with the detritus of past expeditions, including human waste and mountaineers’ corpses, which do not decompose because of the extreme cold. The 17-member Eco Everest Expedition team will set off on April 6 and hopes to bring seven tonnes of rubbish down to Base Camp.

阿帕將率領一個淨山遠征隊,行動人士說,聖母峰充斥著過去登 山隊留下的廢棄物,其中包括人類排泄物與登山客的遺體,由於酷冷,這些遺骸不會分解。17名成員的生態聖母峰遠征隊將於4月6日啟程,希望將7公噸的垃圾 帶下基地營。


make history︰創造歷史、名留青史。例句︰Barack Obama made history when he became the first black president of the United States. (巴拉克.歐巴馬在成為美國首位黑人總統時,名留青史。)

be littered with︰充滿。例句︰Women’s history is littered with oppression and discrimination.(婦女的歷史充滿壓迫與歧視。)

set off︰啟程、開始、引發。例句︰Once she sets off talking she never stops.(她一旦打開話匣子就沒完沒了。)

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