This Day in History April 10歷史上的今天 4月10日…

The Beatles created some of the best-loved songs of all time. These songs are featured in hundreds of TV shows, movies, and books. The Beatles hold music industry records and have influenced many of today's top musicians, but nothing lasts forever. On this date in 1970, Paul McCartney announced that The Beatles were breaking up. After 10 years together, the four musicians decided to go their separate ways. There were earlier rumors that the group would break up, but it wasn't until McCartney's interview on this day that the news was made official.

披頭四樂團創作出一些史上最受歡迎的歌曲。這些歌傳遍 上百個電視節目、電影,也在書裡出現。披頭四在唱片界保有許多項紀錄,對現今許多頂尖音樂家有很深影響,但天下無不散的筵席,在1970年的今天,保羅? 麥卡尼宣布披頭四解散。組團10年後,這4位樂手決定分道揚鑣。在這之前早有該團要解散的傳聞,但直到麥卡尼在4月10日接受訪問時,才正式宣布這項消 息。


披頭四樂團(圖,資料照片)由約翰‧藍儂(John Lennon)所創,他與團員之一的保羅.麥卡尼是該團詞曲創作上絕佳拍檔。後來因共同投資失利、樂風上的歧見,以及藍儂讓第二任 妻子小野洋子干涉歌曲創作等故,樂團開始陷入分裂,埋下日後解散的種子。1969年12月20日,藍儂向其他團員宣告離團,但因他們共同投資所引起的法律 糾紛尚未解決,所以暫時不公布,遲自1970年4月10日,麥卡尼公開宣布離團,披頭四解散傳聞才得到證實。但團員們單飛後,在音樂創作上仍會合作。


◎of all time
vt. 影響
例:Sean's parents influence his study habits.(尚恩的讀書習慣受到父母的影響。)
◎break up
˙break up with sb 與某人分手
a.個別的;分開的 & vt.使分開
˙go our/your/their separate ways 各走各的路,分道揚鏢
例:We went our separate ways when the partnership ended.(合夥關係結束後我們就各走各的路。)
n. 謠言 & vt.謠傳
˙Rumor has it + that 子句 謠傳……
(= It is rumored + that 子句)
例:Rumor has it that the CEO is finally retiring next month.(謠傳那位執行長下個月終於要退休了。)
a. 正式的

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