This Day in History April 22… 歷史上的今天 4月22日

We all know that the environment is important and that we're all connected on Earth. Many of us also understand that we need to take action to help protect the environment. Forty years ago on this date, the hard work of a group of truly dedicated people finally paid off when the first Earth Day was held. It was organized by Senator Gaylord Nelson and his staff, who publicly invited everyone to join them on April 22 to focus on environmental issues. Now, more than 170 countries celebrate Earth Day by cleaning up parks, holding educational events, and volunteering to help better the environment.
我們都知道環境的重 要,以及我們在地球上休戚與共的事實。我們之中有許多人也了解我們必須採取行動來協助環保。40年前的今天,地球日首次舉行,讓一群真誠奉獻的人們所做的 努力有了回報。這個提議是由美國參議員蓋洛德.尼爾森和他的幕僚發起的,他們公開邀請每個人於4月22日這天加入關心環境議題的行列。現在,有170幾個 國家以打掃公園、舉辦教育活動,以及自願參與改善環境的方式慶祝地球日。


●connect vt.連結;使有關聯
be connected with... 與……有關聯
例:James said that he was not at all connected with the bank robbery.(詹姆士說他和這起銀行搶案毫無關聯。)
●take action to V 採取行動(做)……
例:The government is taking action to boost the economy.(政府正採取行動振興經濟。)
●pay off 成功,有收穫
例:I am sure that your efforts will pay off.(我確信你的努力一定會有所收穫的。)
●senator n.參議員
●staff n.幕僚人員;職員(集合名詞,不可數)
a staff of 30 30位幕僚人員/職員
(= 30 staff members)
●clean up... 打掃……,清理……
例:If you don't clean up your room in the next five minutes, you're going to be in big trouble.(如果你待會沒在5分鐘內把房間收拾乾淨的話,你就麻煩大了。)
●volunteer vt.自願從事
volunteer to V 自願從事……


1969年美國民主黨(The Democratic Party)參議員蓋洛德.尼爾森原本策劃在隔年的4月22日組織以反越戰(Anti-Vietnam War)為主題的校園活動,但在西雅圖召開的籌備會上,哈佛大學法學院學生丹尼斯.海斯(Dennis Hayes)提出將運動定位為以環保為主題的運動。1970年4月22日,共有兩千萬人參與環保運動,之後年年舉辦,而1970年活動的組織者丹尼斯.海 斯也被人們稱為地球日之父。

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