Nannied boys ’likely to be womanisers’ 有保母的男童「可能成為花心男」

Baby boys who are looked after by nannies are more likely to womanise, a psychiatrist has claimed.
有 保母照料的男嬰未來較可能沉迷於女色,一位精神病學家宣稱。
Dr. Dennis Freidman, author of The Unsolicited Gift, said that the practice introduces young boys to the concept of ’The Other Woman’, equipping them with life-long double standards concerning the opposite sex.
《主動餽贈的禮品》一書作者丹尼斯.佛里曼醫生說,請保母 照料的作法讓男嬰得知「另一個女人」的概念,使他們終身對異性抱持雙重標準。
This means that even though he could go on to be married he will always have the feeling that another women could cater for all his basic needs.
這意味,即使往後可能結婚,他也 將總是覺得別的女人可迎合他所有基本需求。
Baby girls are also not immune, Dr. Freidman claims. If they have a nanny or au pair they are filled with a "vacuum of need" inside them which they fill in a variety of ways such as drink, drugs, sex or money.
女嬰也無法倖免,佛里曼醫生宣稱。 如果她們有保母或工讀專案安親天使照顧,心中就會充滿「需求的空虛」,而她們會用各種方式,諸如喝酒、吸毒、性愛或金錢來填補。
He said that his comments would not be popular with women who feel they have a right to have a career and social life while bringing up their baby. But that the baby has a right too, he said - the right to have a relationship with a mother who is "100 per cent connected".
他表示,那 些認為有權在養育孩子的同時,擁有事業及社交生活的女性,會對他的評論不以為然。不過他說,嬰兒也擁有一項權利,那就是與母親的關係「百分百相繫」。
He said the solution was not to employ a nanny or au pair until after the baby’s first birthday.
womaniser:名詞,好色之徒。 意指某種男人同時喜歡上多個異性,並且與她們發生短暫的性關係。 例句: Give up on him. He is just a womanizer. (放棄他吧,他只是個花花公子。)
au pair:美國的工讀專案安親天使。為了使年滿18歲到26歲的世界各國女性,能有機會到美國來體驗美國文化、學習語文並增進彼此間的友誼,美國政府特別 准許家有小孩的美國家庭,可以申請接待一位可能來自世界各國的au pair。au pair源自於法文「互助、互惠」的意思。
bring up:片語,養育,帶大。例句:She was brought up by her grandmother.(她是祖母帶大的。)

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