This Day in History April 4… 歷史上的今天 4月4日

Today in 1975, the Microsoft Company was founded. Like Apple Inc., Microsoft is a major reason the world is now so in love with electronics. Bill Gates was enrolled as a student at Harvard University, but when MITS agreed to distribute his computer software, Gates couldn’t pass up the chance. After he left Harvard, he started Microsoft in New Mexico. Now, Microsoft makes everything ranging from computer programs to video games. Like many other big companies, Microsoft is loved and hated. Even so, its advances in electronics have changed how the world uses computers.
微軟公司建立於 1975年的今天。就像蘋果公司一樣,微軟也是讓全球人們熱愛電子產品的主要原因。比爾.蓋茲(圖,資料照片)原是哈佛大學的學生,但當 MITS(Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems,為一電腦製造公司)同意經銷他的電腦軟體時,他無法錯失這機會。他離開哈佛大學後,在新墨西哥州創立微軟公司。現在,微軟公司的產品從電 腦程式到電玩都有。如同許多其他大公司,人們對微軟也是又愛又恨。即便如此,微軟電子產品的先進發展已改變了全世界使用電腦的方式。


●found vt.建立,創立
例:Mr. Johnson founded a free medical clinic for the poor in Africa.(強森先生在非洲為窮人開免費醫療診所。)
●major a.主要的,重要的
例:Kenneth played a major role in the play.(肯尼士在這齣戲中扮演一個重要的角色。)
●electronics n.電子設備(恆用複數)
●enroll vt.招(生),使入學& vi.入學,註冊
enroll in... 註冊/登記上……
●distribute vt.經銷;分發
例:John distributes newspapers at the train station every morning.(約翰每天早上在車站發報紙。)

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