Rags to riches for ’China’s sexiest tramp’ 「中國最性感流浪漢」從貧窮落魄到富有

Chinese homeless man Cheng Guorong became an unlikely sex symbol after he was forced on to the streets when he was fired from his job and robbed of his savings.
The 34-year-old man was snapped by an amateur photographer as he wandered the streets of Ningbo, begging for food and rummaging in bins for cigarette butts last year. With his long unkempt hair, scraggly beard and prominent cheekbones, Mr Cheng was dubbed ‘China’s sexiest tramp’ and ‘Brother Sharp’ when the images of him were posted online in January.
Cheng moved there in 1996 to find work to support his family – but was too ashamed to contact his family after he lost his job and his savings. His relatives thought he was dead until they saw the images on the internet.
Since his virtual fame, Mr Cheng, who has been left shy and withdrawn after his experiences, has received offers to appear in advertisements and he has also worked as a catwalk model. His caring fans have also donated 100,000 yuan to help him get his life on track.
Now, his incredible rags-to-riches story is to be told on the big screen, with filming for a movie due to start in September.
rags to riches:片語,從一貧如洗到富有。例句:
After winning the lottery jackpot, he went from rags to riches overnight. (贏了樂透頭彩後,他一夕之間從一貧如洗變成富翁。)
tramp:除了踐踏之意,還有名詞俚語「流浪漢」、「放蕩的女人」之意。例句:That drunk tramp is wandering the streets begging for whisky. (那個喝醉的流浪漢在街上遊蕩討酒喝。)
unkempt:形容詞,不修邊幅的、蓬頭垢面的。例句:Please don’t show up to the party with that unkempt appearance.(拜託別以那副不修邊幅的模樣出席派對。)

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