U.S. withdraws ‘pain ray’ from Afghan war zone 美國將「痛光」撤出阿富汗戰場

A ‘pain ray’ that blasts the enemy with unbearable heat waves has been pulled out of Afghanistan by the US military.
The Active Denial System (ADS), which cost about ££42 million to develop, was on the brink of being deployed to disperse members of the Taliban as they attacked US forces.
The weapon, which causes immense pain to subjects but no lasting physical damage, was pulled from the war zone last week but US army chiefs in Afghanistan have stayed silent about the reason for the U-turn.
The ADS, which has been in development for almost 20 years, works by firing a beam of high-frequency waves at the speed of light. The beam can cover a person’s entire body, causing agonising pain as it heats water and fat molecules beneath the skin’s surface.
The beam can hit someone up to a third of a mile away, and they are only relieved of the pain when they move out of the way.
A spokesperson from the American Department of Defence said: ‘The decision to recall the weapons back to the US was made by commanders on the ground in Afghanistan.’
Dictionary 新聞辭典
on the brink of: 片語,瀕於; 在…:之邊緣。例句:The stock market was on the brink of collapse. (股市已到崩盤的邊緣。)
U-turn:名詞,(車輛等的)迴轉;(方針、政策等的)急速轉變。例句:No U -turn! (禁止汽車掉頭行駛)。
agonising:形容詞,同 agonizing,苦惱的;痛苦難忍的。例句:It is a most agonizing sight.(這種景象真是慘不忍睹。)