UK men fret about hair, weight, looks but do little 英國男人為頭髮、體重和外貌苦惱卻無所作為

Hair color is the number one appearance concern for British men today, with more than half of British men worrying about graying hair, and 45 marks the age when panic really sets in, according to a poll from market research firm Mintel.
"Although grey hair is traditionally seen as a mark of distinction in men, the reality is many men are unhappy with their newfound gravitas," the research said.
"The physical changes associated with aging can act as a catalyst to mid-life crisis and our research has discovered that men become less content with their appearance after the age of 45."
Hair loss or thinning, is the second most common concern, worrying 40 percent of the respondents to the survey of 2000 British men.
Unsightly nose or ear hair preoccupied 38 percent of respondents, being overweight bothered 37 percent and 30 percent were worried about yellowing teeth.
Despite the high level of concern many men display about their appearance, as many as 45 percent of all men remain unengaged with toiletries and this rises to over half of those aged between 45 and 54.


fret:動詞,苦惱。例句:Many soon-to-be college graduates fret about being jobless.(許多即將畢業的大學生擔心失業。)
preoccupy:動詞,盤據(心思)。例句:He is preoccupied with his work.(他滿腦子都想著工作。)
unsightly:形容詞,難看的。例句:The newly completed skyscraper is unsightly.(這棟新完工的摩天大樓很醜。)