This Day in History August12 歷史上的今天 8月12日

Movies and even a play by Shakespeare have been made about this unforgettable female. Queen Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh to rule Egypt. She brought her beloved Egypt out of famine, economic difficulty, and political conflict. She was famous for her beauty and charm as well as her relationships with Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. Then on this fateful date in 30 BC, Cleopatra killed herself to avoid a humiliating defeat by her captor. Legend has it that she let a venomous snake hidden inside a basket of figs bite her. By this act, she achieved immortality and enduring celebrity status.
數部電影,甚至莎士 比亞的某個劇本中都曾描述過這位令人難忘的女性。埃及豔后克麗奧.佩特拉是統治埃及的最後一位法老。她讓她心愛的祖國脫離飢荒和經濟困境,並遠離政治紛 擾。她因美貌和迷人魅力而聞名,而她與凱薩和馬克.安東尼之間的情史也讓她聲名大噪。西元前30年的今日,在這個不幸的一天,埃及豔后結束了自己的生命, 以避免被俘虜所帶來的羞辱。據說她讓一隻藏在無花果花籃裡的毒蛇咬她。結果這個舉動使她獲得永垂不朽的聲名以及無可動搖的地位。


★Pharaoh n.(埃及的)法老王
★conflict n. 鬥爭;衝突
例:The incident was a classic example of a cross-cultural conflict.
★humiliating a. 羞辱的,恥辱的
例:It was humiliating when Tom made a scene at my mother's birthday party.
★venomous a. 有毒的;分泌毒液的
★enduring a. 持久的
例:Michael Jackson's music has an enduring appeal.(麥可.傑克森的音樂擁有歷久不衰的吸引力。)


埃及豔后(圖為影星伊麗莎白泰勒在電影《埃及豔后》的扮相,資料照片)生 於埃及的托勒密王朝(Ptolemaic dynasty)。在父親的安排下,與同父異母的弟弟結婚並共同掌權。但埃及大臣看出她的強大野心,遂將她放逐(exile)。之後她利用凱薩的軍事力量 重掌政權,並為他生下子嗣。在凱薩被暗殺後,她又成功擄獲其手下馬克.安東尼的心。然而,馬克.安東尼為了討埃及豔后的歡心,將部分羅馬領土賜給埃及,引 起羅馬人民的不滿,最後被羅馬的最高行政官、亦是凱薩的正式繼承者屋大維(Octavian)給打敗。在埃及豔后自殺後,埃及也成為羅馬帝國領土 (territory)的一部分。

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