In flight entertainment:A stewardess starts pillow fight at 20,000ft 飛行中的娛樂:空姐在2萬英尺空中掀起枕頭戰

They say the Germans have no sense of humour. But as a video of a pillow fight posted on YouTube shows, when it comes to flying at least, they have finally learned to lighten up.
A spontaneous pillow fight broke out on a Lufthansa flight as a stewardess handed out the complimentary pillows.
Rather than order everyone to stop she joined in and could not stop grinning as she threw the white cushions around.
The passengers responded by throwing them back before an all-out pillow war across the cabin broke out to whoops and shrieks of joy.
As the pillow fight ended and the stewardess ran off to the galley where a colleague pretended to haul her to safety, applause broke out and passengers rocked back and forth with laughter and slapped their thighs.
The impromptu incident took place at 20,000ft onboard the Lufthansa flight LH687 from Tel-Aviv to Frankfurt earlier this month.
A male passenger who was in the cabin said:"It certainly relieved the tension," "everyone had a grin on their face and for the rest of the flight we were all in a good mood."
lighten up:動詞片語,放輕鬆。例句:Just lighten up and don’t worry so much. We’ll cross the bridge when we get there!(就放輕鬆,別那麼擔心,船到橋頭自然直。)
run off:動詞,逃跑。例句:The robbers disguised as cops and ran off.(搶匪偽裝成警察跑掉了。)
impromptu:形容詞,即興的、臨時的。例句:He hastily arranged an impromptu dinner party for the unexpected guests.(他倉促地為這群意外的訪客臨時安排了一場晚宴。)

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