Beautiful people launch sperm and egg bank 「俊男美女」網站推出精卵銀行

A controversial dating website which only allows beautiful members has launched an online sperm and egg bank for people desperate to have attractive children.
Beautifulpeople.com, which bans ugly or fat people from joining its ranks, has now launched a Beautiful Baby service, with the same stringent beauty requirements for donors.
And they have even, grudgingly, allowed normal looking people to benefit from the service.
Founder Robert Hintze said:"Initially, we hesitated to widen the offering to non-beautiful people. But everyone - including ugly people - would like to bring good looking children in to the world and we can’t be selfish with our attractive gene pool."
The website, which claims to be a game reserve of "leopards and gazelles", compared with other dating sites it describes as "jungles of hippos and warthogs", recently culled 5000 members for gaining weight over Christmas.
They claim 600 beautiful babies have been born to members who met through the site, and have now set up the beautiful DNA bank to accelerate the process.
desperate:形容詞,極想要的;渴望得到的。另外常見的意思是(在絕望中)不顧一切的。用法如:a desperate measure(孤注一擲的措施 )。
stringent:形容詞,(規則等)嚴格的,嚴厲的;(貨幣等)緊縮的、銀根緊的。用法如:operating under a stringent time limit(在緊迫的時間內進行)。
grudgingly:副詞,勉強地;不情願地。He gave his permission grudgingly. (他勉強同意。)