Roubles rain down in Moscow car chase 莫斯科汽車追逐 盧布從天而降

Two Moscow officials face bribery charges following a car chase in which one of them allegedly threw bundles of roubles out of the window, Russian authorities say.
The Russian TV news programme Vesti showed scores of rouble notes being collected and dropped into a cardboard box on a Moscow highway.
One of the suspects, Boris Simonov, tried to throw away 10m roubles, the report alleged.
He crashed his Cadillac in the chase.
The TV programme showed two suspects handcuffed and lying on the road beside the smashed-up Cadillac, which was reported to be worth seven million roubles.
The crash happened as they were being chased by Federal Security Service(FSB)agents on a busy Moscow highway, the TV show reported.
Mr Simonov and his boss, Roman Postnikov, are accused of having taken bribes from businessmen involved in selling fishing permits at reservoirs on the outskirts of Moscow.
throw away:片語,仍掉、丟棄。例句:My father threw away an old TV set.(我的父親把一台舊電視機扔掉。)
handcuff:動詞,給~戴上手銬,亦可當名詞。例句:The jailor handcuffed the prisoner.(獄卒給這名嫌犯戴上手銬。)
smash up:片語,撞毀、撞壞。例句:He had an accident and smashed up his car.(他出車禍,撞毀了車子。)

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