This Day in History August 11… 歷史上的今天8月11日

In general, summers in Paris are pleasantly warm, with daytime highs typically in the mid-20s. However, on this date in 2003, the city recorded its highest nighttime low of 25.5 degrees Celsius. This was due to the fact that Paris as well as other parts of Europe was suffering from a massive heat wave. The city was already into its second week of temperatures of over 40 degrees. Many of the city's residents, especially the elderly, were caught unprepared because many homes did not have air conditioning. As a result, the heat wave led to the death of over 14,000 people in France.
一般來說,巴黎夏天的氣候相當溫暖宜人,白天最高溫通 常落在攝氏25度左右。然而在2003年的今日,這座城市記錄到晚間最低溫竟然達攝氏25.5度。這是因為巴黎和其他歐洲地區深受大規模的熱浪所苦。巴黎 已經連續兩個星期溫度超過40度。大多數的市民,尤其是老年人,因為家中未裝設冷氣而來不及應變。結果,這場熱浪最後造成法國境內超過1萬4千人死亡。


近年來全球極端氣候(extreme weather)日趨明顯,北半球不少地區受到熱浪(heat wave)侵襲(圖為兒童在噴水池戲水消暑,資料照片),今年夏季許 多歐洲地區出現高溫不降的狀態,而這種天氣形態可能造成乾旱(drought)、作物欠收(crop failure)或引起森林大火(wildfire),人類也可能因此中暑(heat stroke/hyperthermia)。而正值冬季的南半球則飽受寒流(cold wave)所苦,多人因失溫(hypothermia)而死亡。


adv. 一般地,通常
Typhoon season in Taiwan typically starts in July.
(台灣的颱風季節通常從 7 月開始。)
◎suffer from...
例:My aunt has been suffering from diabetes for more than 10 years.
a. 大規模的;巨大的
例:The difference in rent in the countryside and the city is massive.
n. 溫度
a. 無準備的
例:We were unprepared for the typhoon that hit last week.

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