’I’m not talking Britain down’, Cameron insists.「我不是在貶低英國」,卡麥隆堅稱。

’I’m not talking Britain down’, Cameron insists.
David Cameron refused to apologise over his declaration that Britain should show ’humility’ to India. The Prime Minister insisted he was not talking down the UK but argued it was right to be ’realistic’ about Britain’s place in the modern world.
Mr. Cameron tried to quell a row over his suggestion as he arrived in India on 28th. July that the UK should bend its knee to its former colony. He has raised eyebrows by being so trenchant during his
first spate of international visits since taking power in May.
He wrote in The Hindu newspaper that he came ’in a spirit of humility’. ’I know that Britain cannot rely on sentiment and shared history for a place in India’s future. Your country has the whole world beating a path to its door,’ he said.
The PM stood by his comments and said: ’I’m not in any way talking Britain down... We do still punch above our weight in the world.... But at the same time, if you want to win strong relationships with countries like India and China, you have got to talk about the future. Taking a realistic view of our position and place in the world and how we are going to build those relationships, I think, is a very sensible thing to do.’
這位首相堅持他的論點表示,「我並未有任何貶低英國之意…我們的確仍對世界有超過外界預期的影響力…但在此同時,若你想贏得與像 印度、中國這樣的國家有堅強的關係,你得著眼未來。務實看待我們在世界上的地位和處境,以及我們要如何建立那些關係,我想,這是非常合理的事情。」


talk down:動詞片語,用言詞貶損某件事或某人。例句:The mayor’s political opponents tried to talk down his achievements during the election campaign.(市長的政治對手在選戰期間試圖貶低他的政績。)
trenchant:形容詞,(言語上)尖銳的、刻薄的。例句:He is famous for trenchant critics/criticisms.(他以辛辣的批判出名。)
punch above one’s weight:動詞片語,發揮超過預期的影響力,自不量力。例句:Do not punch above your weight.(你別自不量力!)