This Day in History August 22…歷史上的今天 8月22日…

Before a Swiss businessman from Geneva came along, there was no aid for the wounded during times of war. Henry Dunant witnessed firsthand the lack of treatment facilities and medical personnel for fallen soldiers. In 1863, these shocking atrocities were brought to light in his book, A Memory of Solferino. By creating awareness and calling for action, Dunant helped establish the International Committee of the Red Cross in 1863 and later the First Geneva Convention. On this date in 1864, 12 European nations signed this treaty, which set the international guidelines for the protection and humane treatment of not only wounded prisoners of war but also civilians and medical personnel as well.

歷史上的今天 8月22日…

在 某位來自日內瓦的瑞士商人出現前,在戰亂中的傷患得不到任何援助。亨利.杜南(圖,翻攝網路)親眼目睹了倒臥在地的士兵缺乏醫護設施及醫療人員的情景。在 1863年,這些令人震驚的慘況透過他的著作《蘇法利諾回憶錄》攤開在世人眼前。藉由引起社會注意並呼籲採取行動,杜南於1863年協助成立紅十字國際委 員會,隨後也幫助訂定首部的日內瓦公約。在1864年的今天,共有12個歐洲國家簽訂了這份條約,不僅為受傷戰俘,還有平民百姓與醫療人員的保護及人道對 待設下了國際間的行為準則。


◎come along
例:You need to seize every job opportunity that comes along.(你必須緊抓住所有出現在你眼前的工作機會。)
adv. 直接地,第一手地
例:The senior reporter has experienced war firsthand.(那名資深記者曾親身經歷過戰爭的洗禮。)
n. 意識
例:The goal of this event is to raise people's awareness about environmental issues.(這場活動的目標是要喚起人們的環保意識。)

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