’Bouquet Bandit’ busted in Brooklyn: police 警方在布魯克林逮捕「花束搶匪」

’Bouquet Bandit’ busted in Brooklyn: police
Cops were the ones who came up roses today after nabbing the "Bouquet Bandit" for pulling off two Chelsea bank robberies.
Edward Pemberton, 44, was busted just days after cops said he robbed a pair of Chelsea banks while carrying flowers or potted plants as props, police sources said.
Cops said Pemberton, who worked several odd jobs in Chelsea where the robberies took place, lives in Brooklyn. He has had 14 previous arrests, mainly for drugs.
Cops used fingerprints left on the pink paper around the flowers to nab Pemberton.
The chrome-domed Pemberton packed fresh flowers and potted plants instead of a weapon for two heists, and even whipped out a threatening note from a bunch of sweet-smelling perennials demanding that a teller fork over a different kind of green.
come up roses:俚語,結果相當順利或成功。例句:Those were difficult times but now everything’s coming up roses.(過去有過苦日子,但如今一切已否極泰來。)
fork something over (to someone):俚語,把某物交給某人(通常指的是錢)。例句: Fork over the cash you owe me!(把你欠我的錢交出來!)
a different kind of green:此處的green(綠色)在俚語中指的是錢,也就是綠色的美鈔。文中所提及的兩種green,分別是綠色植物與美鈔。例句:I’ve run out of green stuff. Can you loan me a few bucks?(我沒錢了。借些來花花好吧?)

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