Getting fit in midlife, better late than never 中年保健 亡羊補牢猶未晚

Exercising in your 40’s,50’s and 60’s is like saving for your retirement, experts say. Starting early is money in the bank, but even late bloomers can reap astonishing benefits.
"The game isn’t over, even if you haven’t been active,"said Dr. Angela Smith, past president of the American College of Sports Medicine. "Aerobic fitness, bone health, agility, you may be able to catch up."
Smith, a physician at Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, said studies have shown that even octogenarians can double their strength with weight training. "There’s good evidence that among people who have arthritis, the stronger have less pain, and that getting fit decreases the chance of having cancer," she said.
But if you’re a former high school athlete who became sedentary as your temples grayed, don’t expect your history to save you.
late bloomer:名詞,大器晚成的人,英式用法寫成late developer。例句:At school she was a late developer, and it wasn’t until she went to university that her talents became apparent.(她求學大器晚成,直到上了大學才展現天份。)
reap:動詞,收穫。例句:She studied every evening and reaped the benefit at exam time.(她每個晚上用功唸書,考試終於獲得成果。)