Childhood stress leads to adult ill health, studies say 研究:兒時壓力導致成年後健康不佳


Adversity and stress early in life leads to long-term ill health and early death, a group of psychologists warn. A series of studies suggest that childhood stress caused by poverty or abuse can lead to heart disease, inflammation, and speed up cell ageing.


The American Psychological Association meeting heard that early experiences "cast a long shadow" on health. One UK expert said more and more evidence was suggesting a physical impact of stress in childhood.


In one study, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh looked at the relationship between living in poverty and early signs of heart disease in 200 healthy teenagers. They found that those from the worst-off families had stiffer arteries and higher blood pressure. A second piece of research by the same team showed children from poorer homes were more likely to interpret a series of mock social situations as threatening.


They also had higher blood pressure and heart rates and higher hostility and anger scores during three laboratory stress tasks.



speed up:片語,加快。例句:This drug may have the effect of speeding up your heart rate.(這種藥可能會加速你的心跳。)

worst-off :形容詞,非常貧窮的,是badly-off的最高級,badly-off的比較級為worse-off。例句:They’re not badly-off but they don’t have much money to spare.(他們並不算窮,但是沒有太多錢可以花。)

cast a shadow over/on sth:片語,為……蒙上陰影。例句:The event cast a shadow on our friendship. (這件事讓我們的友誼蒙上了陰影。)

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