Giant burgers cause jaw injuries in Taiwan巨無霸漢堡在台灣造成下顎受傷

Giant burgers cause jaw injuries in Taiwan
Taiwanese dentists have urged fast food chains to drop over-sized hamburgers from their menus following a growing number of jaw injury cases, a report said.
Patients have developed sore jaws or had difficulties opening their mouths after consuming giant burgers, the China Post quoted professor Hsu Ming-lung of the School of Dentistry at National Yang-Ming University as saying.
Problems can arise when fast-food fans tuck into hamburgers larger than eight centimetres (three inches) high, Hsu said according to the paper.
A human mouth is designed to gape over objects measuring up to four centimetres, and overextending can hurt the joint between the jawbone and the temporal bone in front of the ears, Hsu said.
jaw: 名詞,下巴。one’s jaw drops,下巴掉下來,指非常驚訝。jaw dropper,令人感到驚訝或震驚的人事物。例句:My jaw dropped when I heard she’d filed for divorce from her husband of 40 years.(當我聽說她申請跟結縭40年的老公離婚時,震驚得不得了。)
drop someone or something from something:某人或某物從高處掉落;摒除某人或某物。例句:We were forced to drop Sally from our guest list.(我們不得不把莎麗從賓客名單中除名。)
sore:形容詞,疼痛,痠痛。例句:I’ve got a sore throat.(我喉嚨痛。)

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