Berlusconi ’appreciates’ pretty girls 貝魯斯孔尼「欣賞」美女

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi lived up to his "playboy" reputation on Monday, saying men from Latin countries can "appreciate pretty girls" and asking foreign ambassadors to bring some over.
"Bring some good-looking girls over some time. We would appreciate them because we are Latins," the 73-year-old told a gathering of ambassadors and business leaders from nearly 30 Mediterranean countries in Milan.
"But not playboys, as in my case, I’ve become a ’play-old’," he added with a grin.
Last year, Berlusconi’s wife filed for divorce over revelations that the media tycoon attended the 18th birthday party of an aspiring model who called him "Daddy".
Berlusconi was also forced to deny paying for sex after a call-girl disclosed publicly she had spent the night with him, recorded conversations with him and filmed his bedroom with her cellphone.
live up to:片語,遵守、符合,與…相配。例句:The new house didn’t live up to expectations.(這幢新房子不符合預期。)
bring over:片語,把…帶來。例句:You might bring him over tomorrow.(明天你不妨把他帶來。)
grin:動詞,咧嘴而笑、露齒而笑。例句:He grinned at her.(他對著她咧嘴而笑。)

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