This Day in History August 14歷史上的今天 8月14日

Although the US had yet to enter World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt seized an opportunity to meet with Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Britain. Their goal was to create a blueprint to help put the world back on its feet after the war. On this date in 1941, the two leaders gave the world the Atlantic Charter. This joint declaration contained eight points including people’s right to self-determination, lowering trade barriers, and no territorial gains for either nation. Little did Roosevelt or Churchill know that their Atlantic Charter would go on to set the foundation for many of the world’s current international agreements.

歷史上的今天 8月14日



德蘇戰爭爆發後,史達林(Joseph Stalin)在1941年7月3日的廣播演說中表示,蘇聯的衛國戰爭不僅是為了保衛蘇聯,更要幫助那些囚禁於德國法西斯主義(Fascism)枷鎖下的 歐洲各國人民。這促使英、美政府要針對法西斯的侵略和戰爭目的表明自己的態度。1941年8月初,羅斯福(右二,網路照片)、邱吉爾(左二)分別率領他們 的政府官員,搭乘軍艦在紐芬蘭(Newfoundland)的阿金夏港舉行會談,最後在8月13日簽署聯合聲明,於 14 日正式公布《大西洋憲章》。


◎have yet to V
例:You are not allowed to go outside because you have yet to finish your homework.
vt. 抓住(機會);抓住
例:The thief was seized by a police officer while trying to escape.
◎prime minister
n. 首相
n. 藍圖
◎put...back on its feet 改善……(國家、組織等的)狀況
例:It was Jerry who put the company back on its feet.(改善了公司營運狀況的人正是傑瑞。)
n. 憲章,章程
a. 聯合的,共同的
例:Through our joint efforts, we managed to complete the project on time.(經過我們的共同努力,我們按時完成了這件案子。)

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