This Day in History August 1… 歷史上的今天 8月1日

Today, it is hard to imagine a world without music videos. Huge amounts of money are spent to produce them, and sometimes, it is the video that makes or breaks a song. On this date in 1981, MTV (Music Television) started broadcasting in the United States. It was the first TV station dedicated solely to music. The first video to be aired was very appropriate. It was Video Killed the Radio Star by the British group The Buggles. The song has been used for special purposes on MTV ever since. In 2000, Video Killed the Radio Star was chosen to be the millionth video aired on MTV.
我們現在很難想像沒有音樂錄影帶的世界。大筆的金錢花費在製作音樂錄影帶上,而有時候讓一首歌大紅大紫或一敗塗地的就是錄影帶。1981年的今日,MTV 電視台開始在美國播放。它是第一家全力播送音樂的電視台。第一支播放的音樂錄影帶也相當貼切,那就是英國團體The Buggles的Video Killed the Radio Star(圖,翻攝網路)。這首歌曲自那時起就被MTV電視台作為特殊用途,在2000年,Video Killed the Radio Star還被選為第一百萬支在MTV電視台播放的音樂錄影帶。


●broadcast vi. & vt. 播放;廣播(三態同形)
例:The radio station started broadcasting in 1990.(這個電台自1990年開始放送。)
●dedicate vt. 奉獻(著作);把(時間)用於
例:The new library was dedicated to the former mayor.(這座新圖書館是獻給前任市長的。)
●solely adv. 完全;唯一
例:Pam is doing this job solely for money. She doesn't enjoy it at all.(小潘做這工作完全是為了錢。她根本不樂在其中。)
●appropriate a. 適當的;相稱的
例:What would be an appropriate title for this article?(這篇文章適合用什麼標題?)

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