Fired up Swedish feminists burn cash over pay gap 被惹毛的瑞典女性主義者為因薪資差距燒錢

 ◎ 羅彥傑
Sweden’s Feminist party roasted a pile of bank notes worth 100,000 Swedish crowns on Tuesday in a stunt designed to highlight wage disparities between men and women ahead of a national election.
Feminist party leader Gudrun Schyman pulled handfuls of cash from a plastic bag and threw them onto a smoking barbeque as a small crowd leaned in to take pictures. It took about 25 minutes to burn the bag’s contents.
「女性主義」黨黨魁古德朗.舒曼從塑膠袋內取出數把鈔票,丟到冒煙的烤肉架上, 一小撮群眾彎身拍照。花了約25分鐘燒完塑膠袋內的東西。
"We are doing this for fair wages," she told a crowd of some 75 people on the island of Gotland, off the southeast coast of Sweden, where political parties are gathered for a week of campaigning.
The stunt, using money donated by an advertising agency, was designed to illustrate how women in Sweden "lose" 100,000 crowns every minute because their wages are lower than men’s, she said.

fire up:片語,使~發怒。例句:She often fires up at the least thing.(她常為了一點小事而發飆。)
bank note:名詞,鈔票、紙鈔。例句:The Central Bank is responsible for designing, planning, producing bank notes and coins, and destroying old notes which are no longer fit to use .(央行負責設計、規劃、製造紙鈔與硬幣,並銷毀不再適用的舊紙鈔。)
handful:名詞,一把、少量。例句:His hair was beginning to fall out in handfuls.(他的頭髮正開始一把一把地脫落。)

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