Britain being "overrun" by street signs 英國街頭標誌「氾濫」

 ◎ 俞智敏
The British government has declared war on the profusion of unnecessary road traffic signs, railings and advertising boards, saying they blight towns’ English character. Communities Secretary Eric Pickles and Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has written to local council leaders in England, calling on them to cut the number of unsightly signs and other "street clutter". Even traffic lights are in the firing line.
Ministers want the public to inform local authorities of particularly bad examples of excess signage, to clean up the national landscape.
"Our streets are losing their English character," Pickles said. "We are being overrun by scruffy signs, bossy bollards, patchwork paving and railed-off roads -- wasting taxpayers’ money that could be better spent on fixing potholes or keeping council (local) tax down."
Hammond said the abundance of so-called street furniture often makes towns resemble "scrapyards", confusing motorists and obstructing pedestrians.
For signs to be most effective, ministers say, they should be kept to a minimum. When busy Kensington High Street in central London was stripped of excess road furniture, for example, it helped reduce accidents by 47 percent.

blight:動詞,指使……枯萎,或破壞、摧毀,如A broken leg blighted her chances of winning the championship.(她贏得冠軍的機會被斷腿意外所破壞。)
be in/on the firing line:片語,指某人或某事遭到批評、攻擊或丟棄,如The judge found himself in the firing line from women’s groups after his controversial comments about sexual assault.(這名法官在發表有關性侵害的爭議性評語後,遭到女性組織的全面砲轟。)
street furniture:名詞,道路家具,指包括路燈、路標與電話亭、巴士候車亭等設置在路邊供大眾使用的設備。

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