Muuuum, it’s my turn now! 媽……,現在輪我了!


Just when you get a chance to lay your hands on the latest computer game, along comes mum and hogs it. This comical scene took place after a young zoo visitor accidentally dropped his Nintendo DS games console into the gorilla enclosure.
One of the western lowland gorillas – a 300lb female called Bawang – picked up the device and began to examine it, even fiddling with the buttons.
To the delight of crowds, she soon attracted the curiosity of the one-year-old baby ape called Hasani that she has adopted. The spectacle prompted one of the keepers at San Francisco Zoo to joke that she was playing the game Donkey Kong, a 1980s video game featuring a gigantic ape.
But the ape’s attention span was fairly short lived as she was soon enticed into giving the DS back in exchange for an apple. And fortunately for the owner, his precious device was in full working order.
hog︰動詞,貪心攫取、霸佔。例句︰She always hogs the whole sofa while she’s watching TV.(她看電視的時候總是霸佔著整張沙發。)
lay one’s hands on︰片語,找到、得到。例句︰If I lay my hands on that book, I will let you know.(如果我拿到那本書,我會告訴你的。)
working order︰名詞,(機械等的)正常運作、運轉狀況。例句︰Everything is in working order. (一切正常。)

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