Who let the dogs pig out?誰讓狗大吃特吃?


Who let the dogs pig out?


Someone once said that if your dog is fat you’re not getting enough exercise.

曾 有人這麼說,要是你的狗太胖,那麼你的運動量顯然不足。

So it’s no surprise that as human obesity rates soar, man’s best friend is loyally packing on the pounds as well.


"Overweight people are more likely to have overweight dogs," said Victoria Stilwell, dog trainer and author of "Fat Dog Slim:How to Have a Healthy, Happy Pet."

「超重者更有可能養出超重狗,」馴狗師兼「胖狗變苗條:如何養一隻健康快樂的寵物」一書作者維多莉亞.史蒂威爾 說。

Over 34 percent of people in the United States are considered obese, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Most estimates say up to 40 percent of household pets are overweight.

根 據全美衛生統計數據中心指出,逾34%的美國人被視為肥胖。大多數估計指出,多達40%的居家寵物體重過重。

"An overweight dog shows real negligence by the owner. There’s pressure on the bones and the heart and the organs. It’s just not pleasant," she said.

「一 隻狗的體重過重顯示飼主確實疏於照料。(狗的)骨頭、心臟與器官都會承受壓力。這並不舒服,」她說。

But unlike their dog-owning counterparts, couch potato cat people can stay put. "You don’t have to rush around. Just shine a laser light or throw a ping pong ball. Cats will chase moving things."

但是跟養狗的寵物飼主不同的是,老躺在沙發上不 愛運動的貓主人,可以繼續待著不動。「你不必忙來忙去。只要閃動雷射光或丟顆乒乓球就好。貓會追逐動來動去的東西。」


pig out (on something):非正式用法,大吃特吃,狼吞虎嚥般地狂吃。例句:I love to pig out on sashimi.(我熱愛大啖狂吞生魚片。)

pack on:俚語,增加(體重)。例句:He packed on 5 kilograms over the Lunar New Year holiday.(他在農曆春節期間暴肥5公斤。)

stay put:俚語,不移動,保持原狀。

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