Married couples happiest after 2 years 11 months 夫妻在婚後2年又11月最幸福


Married couples are at their happiest two years, 11 months and eight days after walking down the aisle, it has been claimed.


Researchers asked 4,000 husbands and wives to pinpoint their happiness in eleven different aspects of married life and calculated the typical stage when everything falls into place.

研究人員要求4000名丈夫與妻子點出在婚姻生活11個不同層面的幸福,並計算 當每一件事情都豁然開朗時的典型階段。

Just under three years emerged as the point when couples feel completely comfortable with each other’s bad habits and have a plan for their future.

夫妻對對方的壞習慣感到完全自在且對未來有所計畫的時間點,是在快滿 3年時。

At this stage they will also enjoy a full and active sex life, will have carried out enough DIY for their house to feel homely and will still find time for romantic meals together.

在此一階段,他們也將享受 一個完整且積極的性生活,將對房子進行足夠的DIY來產生有家的感覺,而且仍將找出時間來一起浪漫用餐。

The study also found that couples claim to have their best sex after two years and four months… we assume they mean with each other.

這項研究也發現,夫妻宣稱在結褵2年4月後 性生活最美滿…我們假定他們指的是和對方做。

A spokesperson for confetti.co.uk, which carried out the research, said: "Our research has revealed the exact moment into married life British couples are most content."

進行此一研究 的confetti.co.uk網站一名發言人說:「我們的研究透露英國夫妻最滿意的婚後精確時刻。」


walk down the aisle:片語,沿著教堂走道而去,比喻步入結婚禮堂。例句:I hope to see them walk down the aisle.(我希望看到他們步入禮堂。)

fall into place:片語,指情況變得清楚、明朗。例句:Things begin to fall into place.(情況開始明朗起來。)

homely:形容詞,如在家一般的、家常的,也有相貌平庸之意。例 句:A homely child often develops into an attractive girl.(相貌平庸的小孩時常長大成為美女。)

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