Cat, owner reunited after a year 貓與飼主在一年後團圓

A Massachusetts woman whose cat ran away nearly a year ago said the feline turned up in a foreclosed Boston home.
Addie Mathews, 19, of Lexington, said Sparky the cat ran away at the age of 7 months while she was visiting friends in Boston, the Boston Globe reported Tuesday.
家住列星頓市、19歲的艾迪.馬修絲說,這隻名叫「史帕基」的貓在7個月大時逃跑,當時她正在波士頓拜 訪朋友,《波士頓環球報》週二報導說。
"There was no sign of him," she said. "I was just really hoping that someone had taken him in, because he’s a really friendly cat."
The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said the coal-black cat was found in a bank-owned property a few weeks ago, apparently left behind by the former owners of the house when the property went into foreclosure. The cat was brought to the MSPCA Feb. 28 and a scan of the microchip embedded in Sparky’s skin led them to Mathews.
「麻薩諸塞防制虐待動物協會(MSPCA)」表示,這隻烏黑色的貓咪數週前在一家銀行名下的房產被人發現,顯然是因為這間 房產被法拍,才被前任屋主棄養。2月28日這隻貓被帶到MSPCA,在掃描植入「史帕基」皮膚內的晶片後,才讓他們找到馬修絲。
Mathews said Sparky is missing a portion of his tail but is otherwise healthy.
馬 修絲說,「史帕基」的尾巴有一截不見了,但其他方面還算健康。
"It’s amazing," she said. "We missed him so much. It’s just great to have him back in the house."
「真是神 奇,」她說。「我們非常想念牠。能夠讓牠回到家裡實在是太好了。」
run away︰片語,跑開、逃走。例句:The thief ran away when the policeman arrived.(警察抵達時,盜賊已逃之夭夭。)
coal-black:形容詞,烏黑、漆黑的、像煤一樣黑的。例句:She is a pretty girl with coal-black hair.(她是頭髮烏黑的美女。)
leave behind:片語,遺留、留下。例句:The rubbish left behind by the crowd beggars description.(群眾留下的垃圾非筆墨所能形容。)

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