US to probe hedge fund impact on oil markets:official 官員:美國將調查對沖基金對油市的衝擊


The United States plans to investigate how hedge funds and other speculators create volatility in oil markets, US Energy Secretary Steven Chu said on Monday in Saudi Arabia.


He said speculation, blamed for oil prices that climbed to nearly 150 dollars a barrel in July 2008 before plunging to 40 dollars just six months later, damaged economies and complicated planning by both consumers and suppliers.

他表示,這種投機─被歸咎是油價在2008年7月攀升至一桶近150美元,僅6個月後就 暴跌到40美元的原因─傷害經濟,也打亂消費者與供應商兩者的規劃。

"Certainly, the volatility of the price seems to be far in excess of demand and supply," he said, pointing the finger at oil investments by speculators and hedge funds that are not end-users.

他把矛頭指向由不屬於終端使用者的投機者與對沖基金進行的石油投資,表示:「的確,這種 價格波動似乎遠超出供需」。

"We are going to be(undertaking)studies to try and find out how much has the volatility been increased by large financial institutions taking positions," he said at the International Energy Forum in Riyadh.

「我們將進行研究,嘗試並找出大型金融機構的交易部位增加多少波動,」他在利雅德舉行的國際能源論壇中 說。

Chu was on a visit to Saudi Arabia, the world’s second largest oil exporter after Russia, to discuss energy and climate change issues with partners.

朱棣文當時正在沙烏地阿拉伯訪問,與夥伴們討論能源及氣候變遷問題。沙國是僅次於俄羅斯的全球第二大石油輸 出國。


volatility:名詞,易變;反覆 無常。例句:The volatility of the market drove many investors away. (市場的波動使許多投資者望而卻步。)

in excess of︰片語,超過。例句︰Never spend in excess of your income.(花錢切勿超過你的收入。)

point a(the) finger at:用手指指向(某人、某事),意思是指責。例句:The article points a finger at the government.(這篇文章指責政府。)

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