This Day in History March 14… 歷史上的今天 3月14日

Today is the anniversary of the birthday of Albert Einstein. He is said to be one of the most important scientists in history. Einstein was born in Ulm, German in 1879. Thought of as a genius at a young age, Einstein created many new theories in physics. During his life, Einstein wrote hundreds of books and articles. He worked alone and with other scientists on projects. He is most famous for the Theory of Relativity, which is E=MC2. In 1921, Einstein was given the Nobel Prize for Physics. He was also chosen as Time Magazine’s Person of the Century.

今天是亞伯特.愛因 斯坦的冥誕。他可說是史上最重要的科學家之一。愛因斯坦於1879年出生於德國的烏姆。他年紀輕輕時就被認為是天才,發表了許多新穎的物理學理論。愛因斯 坦一生中寫過數百本著作和文章。他會獨立工作,也會與其他科學家進行研究。關於愛因斯坦,最有名的就屬相對論,即E=MC2這個方程式。1921年愛因斯 坦獲頒諾貝爾物理學獎。他也曾被《時代雜誌》評選為世紀風雲人物。


●genius n. 天才
●theory n. 理論╱學說
in theory  理論上
例:In theory, your idea sounds good, but I doubt if it really works in practice.(理論上,你的點子聽起來不錯,但我懷疑它實際上是否可行。)
●physics n. 物理學
●hundreds of... 數以百計的……
例:Hundreds of spectators were unable to get tickets to the sold-out football game.(那場橄欖球賽的票全數售出,所以有數以百計的觀眾買不到票。)
●alone adv. 單獨地╱獨自地
例:The little girl is afraid to stay home alone.(那個小女孩害怕一個人獨自在家。)

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