Obese flyers to pay more with Air France-KLM 過胖旅客搭乘法航—荷航得多付費


Obese people who are unable to squeeze into a single plane seat will have to pay nearly double to travel on fully booked Air France-KLM flights in future, the company said.


Extra-large flyers will have to pay 75 percent of the cost of a second seat on top of the full price for the first, spokeswoman Monique Matze told AFP, saying the decision was taken for "safety" reasons.


"We have to make sure that the backrest can move freely up and down and that all passengers are securely fastened with a safety belt," said Matze.


People who cannot fit into a single seat are fastened by slotting the belt tip of one seat into the plug of the next -- stretching over both seats.


By paying for both, the overweight passenger will be assured that two seats will be available next to each other. They will however get their money back on flights that are not fully booked, said Matze.



squeeze:動/名詞,擠,榨,緊抱。例句:Are you trying to put the squeeze on me for more money?(你想逼我吐出更多錢來嗎?)

on top of something:片語,(1)除了……以外;(2)知道某事的最新情況。例句:He has to pay attention to it to stay on top of things.(他得專心以便了解事情的最新情況。)

fasten:動詞,勒緊。fasten up/on someone or something,拴緊,繫牢;將注意力專注於……。

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