This Day in History March 5… 歷史上的今天 3月5日

Almost everyone has used a hula hoop at least once in their lives. This toy has been popular with children ever since it was created. There is no exact date for when the first hula hoop was made, but it seems to be an ancient toy. Today in 1963, the hula hoop was patented. This means that a person was given official credit for inventing the hula hoop. Many records have been set by people who love to hula hoop. The longest anyone has ever twirled one was 90 hours. The most twirled at once was 107 hula hoops. It seems that this simple toy is still loved around the world!

幾 乎每個人一生中都至少玩過一次呼拉圈。自從這個玩具被創造出來後,就一直受到孩童的喜愛。第一個呼拉圈是在何時被製作出來並無確切日期,但它似乎是個年代 久遠的玩具。在1963年的今天,呼拉圈被申請專利。這表示某人獲得了發明呼拉圈的官方認證。熱愛搖呼拉圈的人創下了許多紀錄。搖呼拉圈搖最久的是90個 小時。而同時用最多呼拉圈搖的紀錄則是107個。看來呼拉圈這簡單的玩具仍廣受世界各地人們的喜愛!


呼拉圈除了是種娛樂性十足(entertaining)的簡易玩具,也常被當成減肥、瘦腰的用具使用。但根據專業醫師的研究和分析,搖呼拉圈或許可以造成短暫局部溶脂肪 解但卻無法讓脂肪燃燒掉,原因是呼拉圈屬於無氧運動(anaerobic exercise),無法真正有效燃燒脂肪,只能做為鍛鍊局部肌肉用。而且研究顯示,長期搖呼拉圈可能造成肌肉疲勞(muscle fatigue)或拉傷(strain),甚至造成脊柱扭轉,不管是對肌肉或骨骼系統都不太好。


◎hula hoop n.呼拉圈
◎ancient n.古老的,古代的
例:People in ancient times were
◎official n.官方的;正式的
◎invent vt.發明
例:Do you have any idea who invented the bicycle?(你知道自行車是誰發明的嗎?)
◎twirl vt.使快速旋轉
例:Mr. Lee felt annoyed when some students wouldn't stop twirling their pencils in class.(有些學生上課老是不停轉鉛筆,這一點讓李老師感到很火大。)
◎at once 同時;一起

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