This Day in History March 24… 歷史上的今天 3月24日

Today in 1874, one of the most famous magicians that amazed thousands of people around the world was born. He was Harry Houdini. Houdini was born in Hungary with the name Ehrich Weiss. When Houdini was four, his family moved to the US. From a young age, Houdini loved to perform tricks. He even created his own trapeze act when he was nine. Houdini changed his name so that it was close to his favorite magician's name. Houdini was known for his death-defying stunts like escaping from a water chamber while being handcuffed. Houdini's story and great abilities will surely amaze people for generations to come.

1874的今天,最 出名的一位魔術師誕生了,這名魔術師驚豔全世界許多民眾,他就是哈利.胡迪尼。胡迪尼 出生於匈牙利,本名為Ehrich Weiss。當他4歲時,全家移民美國。胡迪尼從小就喜歡表演戲法。他甚至在9歲時創造出自己的高空鞦韆表演。胡迪尼改名是爲了讓名字近似他最喜愛的魔術 師。他以挑戰死亡的特技而廣為人知,像是戴著手銬從水箱中脫逃就是其一。胡迪尼的故事和他精湛的魔術才能無疑將繼續令未來的世代驚奇不已。


◎magician n.魔術師
◎amaze vt.使驚訝,使驚奇
例:The little boy's piano-playing skills amazed everyone at the concert.(那小男孩的鋼琴彈奏技巧讓演奏會上所有人大吃一驚。)
◎trick n.戲法,把戲;惡作劇
play a trick on sb對某人惡作劇
例:If you keep playing tricks on John, he is going to get mad.(如果你繼續對約翰惡作劇,他會生氣的。)
◎trapeze n.(體操、馬戲團的)高空鞦韆
◎so that.. 如此/以便……(= in order that...)
例:Ted got up at three in the morning so that he wouldn't miss his flight.(泰德凌晨3點就起床,以免錯過他的班機。)
◎death-defying a.藐視死亡的,挑戰死亡的
◎handcuff vt.給……戴上手銬 & n.手拷(常用複數)
for generations to come 在未來的世代


胡迪尼以高超的脫逃技巧而聞名,而其中有些技巧至今仍無人能解。他能在被 鐵鍊(chain)和繩索纏身、手戴手銬,身體被限制行動的情況下脫逃(圖,資料照片),包括「中國水牢」(The Chinese Water Torture Cell)表演。在這項表演中,他會被倒吊在一座玻璃和鋼鐵製成的密閉箱子裡,而且箱子裡灌滿了水。胡迪尼於1926年因魔術表演意外而死於腹膜炎 (peritonitis)。不過也有傳言說,胡迪尼是因為曾揭發過一些假靈媒(spiritualist)而遭人報復。

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