British granny takes French party scene by storm 英國阿嬤橫掃法國夜店

The latest party circuit princess to wow the night clubs and festivals of France with her DJ skills is a British granny who took a shine to the decks after going to a birthday disco for her grandson.

最新一位靠著DJ技巧在法國各夜總會與節慶贏得一片讚嘆聲的派對公主,竟然是一位英國阿嬤,她是在參加孫子 的生日迪斯可派對後,就立刻愛上了播放音樂。

Clad in her leopard-skin shrug and dark sunglasses, 69-year-old Ruth Flowers has conquered French clubland from the Cannes Film Festival to the top Paris nightspots with a mix of old-school hits, electrobeat and bling-bling style.

穿著豹紋短上衣、戴著墨鏡, 今年69歲的佛洛爾絲靠著結合了懷舊名曲與電子音樂的曲風以及閃亮的打扮,已經征服了包括坎城影展到巴黎頂尖夜店在內的法國夜生活圈。

"It started really when my grandson had a birthday party," Flowers said. While Flowers, a trained singer, was more used to church songs, German lieder and classic pop, she was so taken by the party that she decided there and then to become a disc jockey.

「這一切都是從我孫子的生日派對開始,」佛洛爾絲說。雖 然佛洛爾絲曾受過歌唱訓練,比較習慣教會歌曲、德國藝術歌曲和經典流行樂,但她卻深為這場派對著迷,甚至當下就決定要當DJ。

A friend put her in touch with French producer Aurelien Simon who taught her how to spin and helped her to develop a style, sprinkling her techno sets with tunes from Abba, Queen and the Rolling Stones.

一位朋友介紹她 認識法國製作人席蒙,席蒙教會她如何操作唱片轉盤,並協助她發展出自己的風格,在電音樂曲裡點綴一些「阿巴」、「皇后」及「滾石」合唱團的名曲。

Eye-catching earrings and her sartorial style make Flowers a stand out when she works the turntables, nodding to the beat and clapping her hands above her head. "It’s a little glammy, a bit over the top, but it fits the bill I think," she said of her outfits. "If I appeared in a cardigan, a sweater and brogue shoes it wouldn’t be quite the same."

引人注目的耳環以 及她的服裝風格,讓佛洛爾絲在轉盤前工作時顯得格外突出,一邊隨著節奏點頭,一邊高舉雙手過頭拍手。

「這的確有點華麗,有點誇張,但我想應 該還可以接受,」她說到自己的打扮。「假如我穿著開襟羊毛外套、毛衣和雕花皮鞋上場,效果恐怕就完全不一樣了。」


take a shine:片語,非正式用語,指立刻喜歡上某人或某事,如I think he has taken a bit of a shine to our new member of staff.(我猜他對我們的新同事有點好感。)

old-school:形容詞,指舊式的、老派的、守舊的,如He was very old-school in his approach to management.(他的管理作風非常老派。)

fit/fill the bill:指可接受的、足堪使用的,如Does this restaurant fit the bill for the celebration?(在這間餐廳舉行慶祝會適合嗎?)

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