This Day in History March 3… 歷史上的今天 3月3日

Florida became the 27th state in the US 165 years ago. Travelers from Europe found Florida in 1513. At that time, it was the home of many American Indians. Florida lies in the southeastern corner of the US. It is a large peninsula, with water on three of its sides. It was nicknamed the Sunshine State because of its warm sunny weather. Florida is famous for oranges and the Everglades. Amazing animals and plants live in Florida, such as alligators, manatees, and rare orchids.

佛 羅里達在165年前的今天成為美國的第27州。來自歐洲的旅行家於西元1513年發現佛羅里達。當時該地為許多美國印地安人的家園。佛羅里達位於美國的東 南角,是個面積廣大3面環海的半島。該州因其陽光普照的溫暖天氣而被暱稱為「陽光之州」。佛州以柳橙和大沼澤公園聞名遐邇。諸如短吻鱷、海牛,以及罕見的 蘭花等令人稱奇的動植物也都生長於此。


西班牙航海家胡安.龐塞.德萊昂(Juan Ponce de Leon)在1513年4月2日發現佛羅里達,當時正逢西班牙人稱之為「花的復活節」(Pascua, Florida)的節日,所以德萊昂便將此地命名為 La Florida。


◎lie in/on/at...
= be located in/on/at...
= be situated in/on/at...
例:The small village lies right on the side of that hill.(那個小村莊就坐落在山腰上。)
vt.給……起綽號 & n. 綽號
例:I was nicknamed Frodo by my friends because I am the shortest person among them.(我被朋友暱稱為「佛羅多」,因為我是當中個頭最小的。)
◎because of...
例:Many people have taken second jobs because of the rising cost of living.(由於生活費用高漲,許多人都兼了一份差。)
◎such as...
例:People such as Prince William will always live their lives in the spotlight.(像威廉王子這樣的人會一直過著受眾人注目的生活。)

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