This Day in History March 28… 歷史上的今天 3月28日

P.T. Barnum and James Bailey both had successful circuses. Their shows would travel around and amaze people with interesting acts. However, it was hard to be competing against each other constantly. Therefore, instead of continuing to fight more, the two men decided to join together. Today in 1881, the Barnum and Bailey Circus was created. It was nicknamed "The Greatest Show on Earth" and has been highly successful over the years. One of its most popular acts was Jumbo the elephant, which they boasted was the largest elephant in the world.

P.T.巴納姆和詹 姆斯.貝利兩人都各自擁有很成功的馬戲團。他們的馬戲團到處巡迴表演,趣味十足的演出讓觀眾驚聲連連。但是,一直 不斷地彼此競爭是很困難的一件事。所以與其繼續相互競爭,這兩個人決定不如攜手合作。1881年的今天,「巴納姆貝利馬戲團」於焉誕生。它被暱稱為「人間 第一奇秀」,多年來一直經營得很成功。其中一項最受歡迎的戲碼是大象姜伯(Jumbo)的表演,他們誇口姜伯是世界上最大隻的大象。


◎circus n.馬戲團
◎act n.演出;節目
◎instead of... 而非……
例:I decided to have spaghetti instead of pizza.(我決定吃義大利麵而不吃披薩。)
◎nickname vt.給……取綽號& n.綽號
例:Sean is nicknamed Dolphin because he swims very fast.(尚恩因為游得很快,所以被取了「海豚」的綽號。)
◎jumbo a.巨大的& n.龐然大物
◎boast vt.誇耀;以(擁有)……而自豪

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