Gum Claims to Increase Male Libido/號稱能提振男人性慾的口香糖


A gum by a Florida company called Sexlets is claimed to increase the libido of men. It will become available in New York in a couple of weeks.

佛羅里達州一家公司推出一款名為 「Sexlets」、據稱能提振男人性慾的口香糖,未來數週內將可在紐約市買到。

The gum comes in a single packet that contains 15 pieces. It is peppermint-flavored and costs $11.97. It is not a drug and can therefore be purchased without a prescription. It is not claiming to cure anything but just boosts men’s libido.

這款口香糖採單盒包裝,內含15片,薄荷口味,要價11.97美元,它並非藥品,因此無需醫生處方即可購買。它並未聲稱能治 療任何疾病,只強調能提振男人性慾。

"We don’t claim to cure anything. It’s more like a chewable vitamin. I chew my multi-vitamins every day and chew my Sexlets every day," said Tommy Babil, the man who came up with this gum idea.

「我們不宣稱能治療任何疾病,它比較像是嚼食的維他命。我每天嚼綜合維他命,也每天嚼我的 Sexlets」,想出這種口香糖構想的湯米.巴比爾說。

It comes in a form that looks like multi-vitamins that breaks down into powder before becoming a gum.

這 種口香糖化成膠前,形式就像分解成粉末的綜合維他命。

It is produced using all-natural ingredients. It contains ginseng, vitamin E, orchic powder(ground-up bull testicles)and yohimbe bark-an aphrodisiac used in Africa for centuries. Yohimbe bark improves erections as it increases blood flow to the penis according to urologists. Too much however can lead to kidney failure, seizure and even death.

它是由全天然的原料製造,含有人參、維他命E、睪丸粉(磨碎的牛睪丸) 以及育亨賓樹皮,這是一種在非洲使用了數世紀的春藥。據泌尿科醫生的說法,育亨賓樹皮可以增加通往陰莖的血流量,從而改善勃起狀況,然而,服用過量可導致 腎衰竭、癲癇發作,甚至死亡。

新聞辭典 Dictionary

libido: 性慾、性驅力。libido 是心理學大師佛洛依德的用語,中文翻成「原慾」、「慾力」或「性驅力」。佛洛依德認為,人類所有行為的原始動力都來自libido。

break down into:片語,分解成。例句:During digestion, the protein foods we eat are broken down into amino acids.(消化的時候,我們吃的蛋白質食物會分解成胺基酸。)

aphrodisiac: 名詞,春藥、催情劑。例句:Are oysters really an aphrodisiac?(牡蠣真有催情效果嗎?)

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