This Day in History March 9… 歷史上的今天 3月9日

No matter who you are, you probably know who Barbie is. She was the first adult-looking doll made for girls. Before Barbie, dolls all looked like babies or little children. Ruth Handler came up with the idea for Barbie. She wanted girls to be able to dream about becoming an adult. On this date in 1959, the first Barbie doll was introduced to the world at the American International Toy Fair. Since then, Barbie has had great success along with a bit of controversy and has become an icon around the world.



●adult-looking a.成人長相的
come up with... 提出/想出……
例:Susan came up with a great title for her poem.(蘇珊為自己的詩想出一個很棒的標題。)
●be introduced to... 被引進……,被介紹至……
˙introduce AtoB 把A介紹給B
˙introduce vt.引入;介紹
例:This painting technique was first introduced to China 2,000 years ago.(這種繪畫技巧最初在兩千年前引進中國。)
●since then 從那時起
副詞片語 since then 用來修飾完成式或完成進行式的主要子句。
例:Wendy graduated last year. Since then, she has been teaching math.(溫蒂去年畢業;從那時起,她就一直在教數學。)
●along with... 連同……
例:Along with my brothers, my two closest friends will accompany me on my trip overseas.
●controversy n.爭議,爭論
例:The controversy surrounding the president’s election was eventually resolved.
●icon n. 指標性的代表人或物


芭 比娃娃是由美泰兒玩具公司(Mattel, Inc.)所生產。芭比娃娃(Barbie)和她的男伴肯尼(Ken Carson)(圖,資料照片)都是根據蘿絲.韓德勒的兒女所命名的。芭比娃娃的三圍(measurements)為:39、18、33 吋,身材婀娜多姿,不過也因不合真人比例遭受不少抨擊。儘管如此,芭比娃娃早已是一種代表,2009年為歡慶50周年(anniversary),還舉辦了盛大的相關慶祝活動,請來多位知名設計師設計紀念版的芭比娃娃。

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