Culture clash over Japanese whaling日本捕鯨引發文化衝突


Culture clash over Japanese whaling


Clashes between Japanese whaling vessels and activists from the Sea Shepherd anti-whaling group have received global attention, but do not go down well in Japan, where whale meat is still considered a delicacy.

日本捕鯨船與海洋牧者反捕鯨運動人士的衝突已引起全球矚目,但日本對此事的觀 感普遍不佳,因為鯨肉在日本仍被視為是珍饈。

While the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been confronting Japanese whalers on the high seas, Greenpeace has been taking a different approach to end whaling. It is trying to turn the take-it-or-leave-it attitude to whale meat among many young Japanese into outright opposition to whaling.

當海洋牧者保育組織在公海上與日本捕鯨船正面衝突之際,綠 色和平組織則採取了不同的方式來終止捕鯨。該組織正試圖使日本年輕人目前對鯨肉採取不吃就拉倒的冷漠態度,轉變為徹底反對捕鯨。

They have produced videos and held protests highlighting the cost to taxpayers of subsidising the annual whale hunt in the Southern Ocean, justified by Japan as scientific research.

該組織製作了影片並舉行多場示威,旨在凸顯出日 本政府每年補助漁船到南冰洋捕鯨,其實花的都是納稅人的錢,而這種捕鯨行為卻被日本政府用科學研究的名目予以合理化。

"Japanese people need to know the reality of this so-called scientific research," says Junichi Sato, a Greenpeace programme director. "Most of the people in Japan don’t know that Japan is killing close to 1,000 whales a year in the Southern Ocean."

綠色和平計畫負責人佐藤潤一表示,「日本民眾必須了解這種所謂科學研究的真相。」「多數 日本人並不知道,日本每年在南冰洋殺害將近1000頭鯨魚。」

"Most of the people, once they know about it, think this is not a science at all. That’s a start, that’s why we need to feed information."

「多數人一旦了解實情後,就會認為這根本不是科學。這是個開始,這也就是我 們必須提供資訊的理由。」


go down:片語,指被以某種方式看待或記得,如I think my speech went down rather well, don’t you?(我覺得我剛才的演說效果不錯,你覺得呢?)或如His contribution to world peace will go down in history. (他對世界和平的貢獻將留名青史。)

take it or leave it:片語,指對某人提出不會改變的最後立場,不要就拉倒,如That’s my final offer. Take it or leave it.(這是我最後的提議,要不要隨你便。)take-it-or-leave-it為形容詞用法,多置於名詞之前,如It was a firm take-it-or-leave-it proposition.(這是一項不要就拉倒的強硬提議。)

feed:動詞,指提供某事給某 人,或把某事物持續放進機器或系統內,如A member of the prince’s staff had been feeding the newspaper information/feeding information to the newspaper.(王子的一名部屬一直在提供情報給這家報紙。)

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