This Day in History March 7… 歷史上的今天 3月7日

In the game of baseball, there are nine innings. Each inning gives both teams a turn to hit and to be in the field. After these nine innings, the game is over. However, this was not always how baseball was played. It only became official on March 7, 1857. Before that, baseball games ended when one of the teams scored nine runs. Today, many people still like to play baseball by the old rules. These teams wear old-fashioned uniforms, don't use gloves, and are always polite during the game. Some even use old-fashioned ways of speaking. No matter how the game is played, baseball is still one of the favorite sports around the world.



◎inning n.(棒球或壘球比賽的)一局
◎turn n.順次,輪到的機會
例:In my family, we take turns doing the dishes.(在我家,我們會輪流洗碗。)
◎run n.(棒球或板球比賽中的)得分
◎old-fashioned a.舊式的
例:My grandfather still wears old-fashioned glasses.(我爺爺還戴著舊式的眼鏡。)
◎uniform n.制服
◎polite a.有禮貌的,客氣的
例:The waitress was very polite when she served us.(那名女服務生接待我們時非常有禮貌。)
◎no matter how… 不管/不論如何……
例:No matter how much I asked, Mark just wouldn’t tell me his secret.(不管我怎麼問,馬克就是不肯告訴我他的秘密。)

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