Strip club raises money for Haiti 脫衣舞夜店為海地募款


US strip club has raised almost $1,000 for earthquake victims by staging a charity "Lap dances for Haiti" event.


Marilyn’s on Monroe, in Toledo, Ohio, donated all of its $10 cover charges for one day to the International Services of Hope charity.


The name of the event was misleading-strip clubs are legal in Ohio but lap-dances are not, reports the Toledo Blade.


Club manager Kenny Soprano said he had been considering a charity event to improve the club’s reputation even before the Haiti earthquake.


"We’d been racking our brains for about a month or so, thinking about what we could do," he said. "You don’t hear much about strip clubs giving back to the community."


"It was pretty hard to find an organisation that wants to deal with an adult entertainment establishment."



rack one’s brains︰片語,絞盡腦汁。例句︰I racked my brain to think of ways to make more money.(我絞盡腦汁想辦法賺更多錢。)

lap dance︰片語,膝上艷舞,指舞者坐在對方腿上磨蹭跳舞。例句︰They watched a lap dance in the night club. 他們在夜店看了一場膝上艷舞。

deal with︰片語,應付、打交道。例句︰That man is difficult to deal with.(那人很難打交道。)

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