Nearly half of love rats admit to doing a ’John Terry’ 近半數偷腥男坦承玩朋友妻


A survey has revealed that nearly half of unfaithful men have admitted to having had a fling with their friend’s wife or girlfriend the way Chelsea defender John Terry did.


The new poll, carried out by dating website benaughty.com, revealed that many love rats have no qualms about cheating on their partners with their pal’s other half.

由交友網站benaughty.com所做的這項新民調,顯 示許多愛情騙子瞞著伴侶與好友的另一半亂來,且毫無愧疚。

It further revealed that out of the 5,500 cheating men questioned, a staggering 46.9 per cent admitted playing away with a mate’s girl, and that they see their friend’s girlfriend as fair game.

該調查進一步揭露,受訪的5500位不忠男人中,竟有令人咋舌的46.9%坦承對象是同 伴的女友,而且他們視友人的女友為獵豔對象。

English footballer Terry, 29, had been exposed of having had an affair behind his wife’s back with Vanessa Perroncel, who was the former girlfriend of best pal and Man City footballer Wayne Bridge.

29歲的英格蘭足球員泰瑞被踢爆背著老婆與瓦妮莎.佩羅塞爾鬧出緋聞,她是自己死黨、曼 城足球隊隊員韋恩.布里奇的前女友。

The shocking survey grilled the men looking for discreet relationships behind their partners’ backs.

這項令人震驚的調查,質問那 些瞞著伴侶找地下情的男人。

Of those that had played away with a friend’s girl, only 7.84 per cent have been caught and just over eight per cent confessed to cheating.



love rat:俚語,愛情鼠輩,真正意思就是愛情騙子,指那些經常在戀人背後出軌的人。

have a fling with sb:和(某人)短暫調情。fling在此指「一時的行樂、放縱」。例句:I had a fling with a girl when I was at college, but that was the only occasion.( 我曾在大學期間跟一女孩一時放縱過,但那是唯一的一次。 )

fair game:片語,准許捕獵的獵物;可以被批評、議論、覬覦的事物。game在這裡指的是獵物。例句:With his fat, round face, the politician was fair game for the cartoonists.(這個政客臉又肥又圓,成了漫畫家嘲弄的對象。)

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