Mandela mistakes a TV show host for astronaut 曼德拉誤認克拉克森是太空人


Nelson Mandela has left Jeremy Clarkson baffled after mistaking the Top Gear host for an astronaut.


The former South African president made the blunder at a recent charity event as he had been due to meet a group of American astronauts on the same day.


Clarkson could not bring himself to correct the legendary leader, so pretended he had visited the moon, The Sun reports.


"It was tricky. I couldn’t very well say that we weren’t astronauts as that might look argumentative. Nor could I say that we made a poky BBC2 programme about cars-because then he might wonder what on earth we were doing wasting his valuable time," Clarkson said.


"I did what I thought best and said it was very rocky and dusty and there was not much gravity."


Clarkson,49, had earlier asked Mr Mandela if he had ever been to a lap-dancing club. He blurted out the question after "shaking with nerves" at the event in support of Mr Mandela’s 46664 HIV and Aids awareness campaign.



bring oneself to:動詞片語,鼓起勇氣、決心做某事。例句:He could not bring himself to face the creditors.(他無法鼓起勇氣面對債主。)

tricky:形容詞,難以處理的、詭異的。例句:It’s a tricky issue.(這是棘手的問題。)

blurt out:動詞片語,脫口說出、說溜嘴。例句:You just blurted out her big secret. (你剛脫口說出她的大秘密了。)

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