This Day in History March 21歷史上的今天 3月21日…

Where were the worst criminals in the US sent after they were arrested?The answer used to be Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay. It originally just had a lighthouse and a military base, but in 1934, it became a prison. Some of the most famous criminals in the US were sent to Alcatraz. Examples include Al Capone and Alvin Karpowicz, who was locked up in Alcatraz the longest. According to prison records, no one ever successfully escaped from Alcatraz, but a few tried. On this date in 1963, Alcatraz Island Prison closed. Today, it is a popular tourist spot.

在美國,罪大惡極的罪犯遭逮捕之後會被送往何處?從前這個問題的答案會是舊金山灣的惡魔島(圖,資料照片)。 惡魔島上原本只有燈塔和軍事基地,但它在1934年變成了一座監獄。美國有些最出名的罪犯都曾被送到惡魔島。當中的例子包括艾爾.卡彭及被關在惡魔島上最 久的艾文.卡波維茲。根據獄方的紀錄所稱,從來沒有人成功逃離惡魔島,但仍有少數人試圖越獄。惡魔島監獄於1963年的今日關閉。如今它則是一個很受歡迎 的觀光景點。


◎criminal n.罪犯
◎arrest vt. & n.逮捕
.be under arrest 被逮捕
例:The bank robber was finally arrested after being on the run for three months.(那個銀行搶匪在逃3個月之後終於被捕了。)
◎lighthouse n.燈塔
◎be locked up 被關進監獄
◎escape vi.逃跑,逃脫
例:The circus tiger escaped from its cage last night.(那隻馬戲團的老虎昨晚從籠子裡脫逃了。)

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