This Day in History March 22… 歷史上的今天 3月22日

Marcel Marceau was born on this day in 1923. He was a famous mime who acted out situations and stories without speaking. Marceau started using mime when he was part of the French army during World War II. He helped children who would have been killed by the German army. The mime entertained the children and kept them quiet while they were escaping. After leaving the army, Marceau joined a famous acting school. His talent for miming quickly made him a star. Marceau created the image that comes to mind when people think of mimes—a person with a white face, a striped shirt, and a special hat.

馬歇.馬叟於 1923年的今天誕生。他是一位知名的默劇大師,以無聲的方式演出各種情境及故事。馬叟在第二次世界大戰期間身為法軍的一份子時開始演出默劇。他幫助了那 些原本會被德軍殺害的孩童。默劇逗得這些孩童很開心,並讓他們在逃亡時保持安靜。馬叟離開軍隊後便加入了著名的戲劇學校。他表演默劇的天賦使他迅速成名。 馬叟創造了一個讓人一想到默劇腦中就會浮現的模樣——一個身穿條紋衣、頭戴特殊帽子的白臉男子。


◎mime n.默劇演員;默劇
◎act out…/act…out 將……表演出來
例:Mandy really looked like she was dying when she acted out the death scene.
◎entertain vt.娛樂;招待
.entertain sb with sth 用某物娛樂/招待某人
例:Max entertained his guests with magic tricks.(麥斯表演了好幾招魔術來娛樂他的賓客。)
◎escape vi.逃走,逃跑
.escape from… 從……逃走/脫逃
例:例:Vivian's pet bird escaped from its cage.
(薇薇安養的小鳥從鳥籠裡 逃走了。)
例:Tom cannot forget the image of the beautiful girl he met yesterday.
(湯姆無法 忘卻他昨天遇見的那位漂亮女孩的倩影。)


馬歇.馬叟於1923年出生於法國史特拉斯堡( Strasbourg),二次大戰爆發後,他與有猶太血統的家人逃至法國中部。1944年,馬歇.馬叟因他父親遭德軍俘虜死在集中營而加入地下反抗運動, 執行保護猶太兒童的任務。1947年,他創造了聞名於世的「畢普先生」(Bip),而畢普是個集現代社會苦難於一身的小丑,其經典裝扮深植於所有人的腦海 中。馬歇.馬叟曾以近代默劇之父艾田.德庫(Etienne Decroux)為師,也曾受到默片巨星卓別林(Chaplin)的影響。2007年,他在法國的家中死於心臟病,享年84歲。

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